We will preserve your Wedding Gown

Allow us the privilege to clean and hand-press your wedding gown.

We treat and clean each gown individually on our premises - never in combination with other gowns.

Spills containing sugar, salt and acid often dry clear and cannot be seen, These latent stains do not dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning and turn an ugly brown over time. Our unique stain treatment methods ensures that all sugar, salt and acid stains are removed.

Prior To Your Ceremony

Allow Flash Cleaners to professionally steam/press your wedding gown and veil so you look perfect on your big day.


Besides your groom, and perhaps your engagement ring - your Wedding gown is one of your most precious and carefully chosen possessions for this glorious and happy occasion. Strong considerations should be given to what you wish to have happen with your gown after the wedding. Whatever your desires for the future, your investment in your gown and its professional care, cleaning and storage should be near the top of your list of things to do before, during and after the wedding.

Perhaps you wish to make it a keepsake, perhaps you hope to have your own daughter wear your gown on her wedding day, we've seen preserved gowns remade into gorgeous and cherished Christening gowns for children and grandchildren.

Storing Your Gown

Remove extra padding, metal hooks and buttons which can rust and discolor over time. These notions can be stored in separate packaging along with your gown.

Store your gown, folded and packaged flat in a restorative quality box. All the fabric stress typically caused by the gown's weight on a hanger is eliminated when stored this way.

Freshly cleaned and wrapped in protective covers, your gown should be stored in a safe, temperature controlled room. Under the bed in your guest room is one great place to store your cleaned and preserved gown. Extreme temperatures of attics and basements can cause great harm to your gown.

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