Household Items

Household Items That Need Regular Cleaning

Remember if you have had the flu or a cold lately, Your Comforter and pillows still do!


Comforters, bedspreads, blankets, pillow shams, duvets and dust ruffles are all processed according to the manufacturer's care label. We can save you a trip to the laundromat by washing your large items that will not fit into your home machines. Pillow shams, duvets and dust ruffles are pressed to give your bed that clean, crisp feel and look. Sorry, we cannot process electric blankets.

These household items usually require a 3-5 day turnaround. 


Flash will follow the manufacturerer's recommendation for processing draperies. Draperies are cleaned, pressed and pleated. Drapery is the most difficult household item to process because of the potential for shrinkage and sun damage. For most drapery, 1-10% shrinkage is common. Flash can correct most, but not all, shrinkage.

The fibers of drapes hung in full sunlight can become weak and brittle. This condition is not always apparent before processing. In processing, these fibers break and drapes appear to have been "shredded". Yellow streaks on drapes can be caused by smoke, soot or light. These streaks are found along the folds of the drapes and become more visible after processing. Unfortunately, these streaks cannot be removed by conventional dry cleaning. In some cases we recommend a wet cleaning process. We will do everything possible to get your drapes looking their best. Draperies are ready in 5-10 days.

Table Linens

Great Grandma's linen tablecloth has seen a lot of holidays, and Flash will make sure it can be there for future generations. All tablecloths are soaked, washed and stains removed by hand. After a crisp press, it will be ready for your table. Tablecloths are ready in 5-10 days.

Area Rugs

From large formal dining room rugs to small hallway runners, we got you covered. Flash cleaners will clean, refresh and deodorize any rug you have. Rugs are ready in 5-10 days

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