Expert Spotter

The clear difference between Flash and discount cleaners is in our pre-treating. Our expert stain remover, Victor, has over 35 years experience in stain removal. Discount cleaners usually don't have an expertly-trained stain remover on staff. Flash Cleaners spots garments prior to and immediately after cleaning. Please point out all major stains when dropping off your garments, but know that the Flash staff will go through its nine steps of inspection so even the most remote stains will be identified and removed.

Flash's 9-Step Inspection

Every garment cleaned by Flash goes through these nine steps of careful inspection.

  1. We identify and discuss any spots with you at the counter when you bring in your items;
  2. At the mark-in, by a trained professional;
  3. By Flash management, before cleaning;
  4. By Flash management, after cleaning;
  5. Right before the garments are pressed;
  6. By Flash management before assembly line;
  7. At the assembly line;
  8. By Flash management, right before bagging; and
  9. Before the garment is placed on the line for you to pick up or for delivery to you.
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